Tip The Waiter

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Dani Daniels was out celebrating her anniversary with her man at a restaurant, and of course he was stuck on his phone handling some business. Dani noticed the waiter as soon as she got there, and she was definitely checking him out after her man was ignoring her. Her man did not even notice her reach over to grab the waiter’s cock while he was taking their order. She wrote him a note to meet in the bathroom and Dani’s man was too lost to even care when she got up and left to the bathroom. She jumped the waiter right away and started ripping his clothes off. Dani went to town on him, downing his cock and dying to get fucked hard. After fucking her silly, he pumped a nut full of creampie right in her. Dani loved the manjuice and went right back to her loser boyfriend at the table.

Tip The Waiter

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